Friday, September 24, 2010

Spin & Go Touchless Mop - winner Kiki

When I was contacted to review the Spin & Go Touchless Mop & Wringer I jumped at the chance. Cleaning and mopping floors are my least favorite things to do and I continually try new things to aid in my cleaning to make it easier and quicker. Like many of the homes in Florida, mine is entirely tile. This means I am always sweeping and mopping. Spin & Go Touchless is the newest mop on the market that states you can mop your floors with ease. Just  mop & go. 

I received my mop and all I had to do was attach the mop head and I was ready to go. The mop is soft and will not damage floors. I set about using it and found no streaks, a nice shine and my floors looked great! When it is time to rinse, stick your Spin & Go in your bucket of water to rinse, put in the wringer basket on the other side of your bucket, step on the pedal a few times and and that’s it. How easy! Spin & Go also has a convenient carry handle that helps you take it room to room. The only thing I would change is to add wheels on it.

Spin & Go 360 Mop

Spin & Go 360 MopSpin & Go 360 MopSpin & Go 360 Mop

*Saves Effort Time and Energy with built in spinning cycle, powers up with a pedal to spin away dirty water, leaving it ready to attack more grime and dirt

*Spin & Go patented super absorbent MICROFIBER Mop Head with 1,720,000 washable Microfibers gets rid of dirt and grime easily

*Eco-friendliest Mop ever, no disposable pads to change or touch, its earth friendly and affordable costing only $49.95

*Lightweight and ultra slim, adjustable for effortless cleaning and hands free wringing

*Best dry mop for dusting hard to reach places, great for cleaning cars too, and it rotates 360 degrees.

How it works:

Changing the Mop Head

  • Use one foot to step on the micro-fiber strips on the edge of the upper disc.
  • Pull the handle away from the body(in the direction of the screw)
  • This separates the upper disc from the interchangeable Mop Head.

Assembling/Replacing a Mop Head

  • Place the upper disc on top of the interchangeable Mop Head
  • Step down on the other end that is elevated.
  • The Mop is assembled when you hear a "Click".

Adjustable Angel
  • The angle of the handle can be set to various settings

Maximum Water Level

  • Fill water in the wringer bucket no more than the maximum water level indicated to avoid any spillage.


  •  Clean Mop Head in the water bucket by moving the handle up and down several times until all the dirt and grime have been released.


  • Gently place Mop Head flat in the spinner and push down on the Mop Head.
  • Hold the handle lightly and step on the pedal a few times to activate the spinning cycle and wring dry the Mop Head.
  • Don't push down the handle while wringing
    NOTE: The more you step on the pedal, the less moisture remains on the mop.

Your Spin & Go Touchless Mop can also be used in hard to reach places, such as glass, windows,on your car, on your boat, stairs/banisters, and also on furniture. The Spin & Go Touchless Mop & Wringer is extremely absorbent and easy to clean Mop Head. The step pedal that activates the spinner is ingenious and super easy to use and quickly wrings out your mop, allowing you to resume mopping and get down faster.  The Spin & Go is lightweight, slim, adjustable, and allows hands free wringing. It's one of the eco-friendliest Mops and safer in regards to germs as there are no disposable pads to change or touch, and affordable at only $49.95.

For more information or to purchase, visit

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