Tuesday, September 14, 2010

ZeroWater 8 Cup Filter Pitcher {Review & Giveaway}

ZeroWater water filters



ZeroWater® Pitcher
I am sure you are like me and worry about the water you give your family and feel guilty buying bottled water because of what all the plastic does to our environment.  I was given the opportunity to review the Zero Water filter, but quite frankly I was skeptical. I have purchased many filters and water pitchers over the years and they were cheaply made and didn't seem effective. 

I had never heard of ZeroWater until I had been contacted about a review.   I was quite intrigued, considering their claims, and felt I could put one to the test.  Would it be as cheaply made and ineffective as the rest?

According to ZeroWater.com:
  • It is the only filtered water that meets FDA definition for purified bottled water.
  • Removes 100% of all detectable dissolved solids.
  • Water softening systems exchange sodium or potassium with calcium to avoid calcium buildup and allow soaps to lather better. They are not meant to improve the taste of drinking water.
  • Our water is best compared to double distilled water, minus the distilled water “flat” taste. A lot of our customers say our water has no taste. You should only be tasting H20.
  • When the TDS meter reads “006”, the filters should be changed. It is strongly recommended that the reading not go past that point.
  • The ZeroWater® system contains specific materials which inhibit the growth of bacteria within the cartridge.

The ZeroWater® Dual Ion-Exchange Water Filter Technology

ZeroWater® features a patented 5-stage, Dual Ion-Exchange water filter technology.  Whereas ion-exchange arrays have traditionally been utilized in commercial water purification, ZeroWater has made this advanced technology available to the consumer with its convenient ZeroWater Filter Pitcher.  As the first ever gravity-fed dual Ion-Exchange filtration system, the ZeroWater filter incorporates a mixed bed of Anion and Cation resin to remove virtually all positively and negatively charged total dissolved solids (TDS) from tap water, delivering water with 000 TDS, equal to the standard for TDS in purified bottled water − The same standard Mother Nature has set for water … Zero TDS.

The result is great tasting water that is virtually free of dissolved solids, which are very often what gives water it’s “off” taste.

To explain:  Positively charged Cations in tap water – like lead and chromium – are removed in exchange of Hydrogen Ions (H+).  The negatively charged Anions – like chlorine and hydrogen sulfate – are removed in exchange for Hydroxide Ions (OH-).  The exchanged Ions immediately combine to form water (H2O.) 

When we received the Zero Water box, we were anxious to get started. My ZeroWater 8 Cup Filter Pitcher came with a filter, a lid, the TDS meter and a blue water pitcher. It is very cute. First, we had to use that TDS meter . We stuck it under our faucet.  Our water tested at 90.  Not bad, but not great. Upon reading the instructions, we ran our filter under the cold water prior to screwing it to the lid. As with most items, it states to wash the pitcher first. By hand. I am not a big fan of things that are not dishwasher safe, but I will go with it.  You must rinse all the soap to get an accurate reading.  We filled with tap water and waited for the water to filter through, which ended up about half way, then repeated.

When we finally got the pitcher filled, we were anxious to see what the TDS meter would read. We honestly expected it to read the same as prior. After pouring a small cup of water from the pitcher, we used the handy TDS meter to check our new reading. Wow!!! We had a 000! Amazing! Now, how was the taste? It was not my imagination. It tasted BETTER! No more metallic taste!

Skeptical person that I am, I tested this pitcher and the meter several times. I have to say, I am quite impressed!

By switching to the Zero Water Filter Pitcher, you will be helping to save the environment from that awful plastic. Want one? Just stop by their website and you can have one delivered to your door for $35. You will get the pitcher, a TDS meter and a filter. Want quicker gratification? You can go to your local Target, Walgreens, Home Depot and Walmart and grab one. 

Visit ZeroWater and you can learn more about this and their other products. 

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