Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Baby K'tan Review

Don’t you love it when you find a product that has a solution for a problem?  I was excited when I came across the Baby K’tan carrier.  The carriers are 100% natural cotton and soft and comfy for mommy and baby. It has a sash to fasten the carrier and provide extra security for maximum carrying positions.  What a great feature! The sash alone sets it far above the other baby carriers! 
BASIC BLACK BABY CARRIERThe Baby K’tan carrier is a double sling style.  The makers provide instructions for 8 separate carry positions, including from cradle to upright (back and front, forward facing, facing in) and even two hip carries. The Baby K"tan is as versatile as it is economical. It is not only the best, but a great option for parents on a tight budget. It effectively takes the place of multiple carriers. Amazingly, it can be used for preemies to preschool (or up to 42 lbs). This provides use well beyond those other baby carriers!  
By using as a sling on one shoulder, it will evenly distribute the weight of your baby.  A huge plus for me is being able to  change positions frequently because I have back issues. I loved it for using for multiple tasks, even house cleaning.  The circular connector between the slings makes it adjustments easy while alone,unlike other carriers.  You are able to change the fit according to what you are doing, allowing you and baby to be comfortable. I also found the directions easy to figure out.  There are no cumbersome, and sometimes painful, buckles, clasps or buttons on the K’tan.  

NATURAL ORGANIC BABY CARRIERSome of the great features are:
  • Holds babies from 8 - 42 lbs
  • Has a sizing chart to insure an optimal fit!
  • Comes in 9 different colors
  • Babies cry less
  • Good for baby's mental development
  • Good for baby's emotional development
  • Good for baby's physical development
  • Good for babies whose caregivers are overwhelmed
  • Great for other people who look after your baby 
  • Babies with Special Needs

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