Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Play It Safe Board Game

Play It Safe is a fun and challenging board game for the whole family that tests your knowledge on everything safety. The game uses intriguing questions designed to educate on a full range of safety issues, and will make your entire family a little smarter and safer. This new board game is sure to be a hit with every family!
Play It Safe includes over 600 question cards divided into children and adults; covering first aid, natural disasters, Internet, strangers, transportation, survival, wild animals, fire, water, and more! The kids will love the colorful and active game board where they'll discover many hidden dangers; and the questions on animals and survival are guaranteed to keep their interest! Parents will be challenged with the beneficial questions focused on real life safety issues, and will learn how their children think in difficult situations.
Play It Safe comes with many value-added and unique extras to make the experience more exciting and interactive. Each question/answer is integrated with the Internet where fun, entertaining videos and more detailed information can be found. You'll also receive free Fingerprint and DNA ID kits, a Home Fire Escape Plan to develop with your family, and an AMA First Aid Guide. You can even create your own personal ID cards online; print them and make permanent with the provided laminated sleeves! Kids will love the Winner Wheel, a clever extra that gives the winning child (we assume the adults won't win!) a special prize such as their favorite meal, movie, or an extra hour of fun time on a weekend night.
**Kids ages 6+ and adults
Standard Items: Game board, adult & child questions, game pieces, die, Safety Bucks, & Winner Wheel.

Bonus Items!
  • (4) Home DNA/fingerprint identification cards
  • (4) Fingerprint Strips (easy-clean and non-toxic)
  • (4) DNA Kits
  • (1) Home Fire Escape plan template
  • (4) Laminated sleeves for creating personal ID cards
  • (1) AMA First Aide Guide
  • Internet integration for question/answer supporting information
  • Internet forms for creating personal ID cards

The Play It Safe game can be an important game for you and your family. It may just prevent a tragedy, by teaching essential safety skills, all while your family has a fun game night together.

I was anxious to play our game when it arrived. I had to wait until we were all together. We sat down as an extended family, several brothers and sisters with their children, to try out the Play It Safe family board game one evening. I thought that we would all get the chance to get together, have fun and this would be a fun way to teach our children safety tips at the same time.  I think that you will be as surprised as we were. We thought we had the answers, yet there were things we also needed to learn!

 While playing, we discovered essential safety tips as the game covers all those important issues dealing with safety. Initially, we thought this meant household safety. When we heard about it, fire safety immediately came to mind. Yet, we soon discovered it covers a multitude of safety issues, such as swimming, camping, fire, first aid, etc. This is not only a valuable and  educational game for family game night, it might just save a life. 

The whole family had a great time playing this game and our kids have been asking to play  again.  

Not only do I HIGHLY recommend this game, I think it should be on your list to each family this Christmas!

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Product provided to me for review purposes through my affiliation with the Family Review Network.  
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