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Teddy’s Pride Oral Care

Teddy's Pride Oral Care

The ProBiora3® probiotics contained in Teddy’s Pride® are specifically formulated to address the oral care needs of pets. Simply sprinkle on pets’ food once daily to give your pets fresher breath and cleaner, whiter teeth.

  • Oral care probiotics for cats and dogs

  • Freshens breath naturally

  • Gently and naturally cleans and whitens teeth

  • No taste, no odor

  • Easy-to-use sprinkles

  • 60-day supply

  • Costs just pennies a day

  • 100% natural

  • Made in the USA

  • Certified GMP, FDA facility

  • Backed by 25 years of research

    Teddy’s Pride® Oral Care is the very first probiotics for oral care for all cats and dogs that freshens breath naturally while gently and naturally whitening teeth.
    Teddy’s Pride is both simple and affordable. For just pennies a day, you’ll get a 60-day supply, and with that very first jar, you’ll notice fresher breath and whiter cleaner teeth. You can enjoy this product risk free with our 100% 30-day money-back guarantee.
    Even the most finicky pets can enjoy the benefits of Teddy’s Pride® Oral Care, because this probiotic blend has no taste and no odor and it will not change the taste or texture of your pets’ favorite food. Your pet will get all the benefits of naturally fresher breath and whiter teeth with no messy brushing!
    Teddy’s Pride® Oral Care is 100% natural and made in the USA in a Certified FDA facility, ensuring both the highest quality ingredients and complete integrity. Teddy’s Pride® Oral Care is also backed by 25 years of scientific research by Oragenics’ Chief Scientific officer, Dr. Jeffrey Hillman, D.M.D., Ph.D.

    Biscuits and chew toys are often touted as promoting fresher breath for your companion pets. Other products claim to eliminate the bacteria that cause pets to have bad breath. Some pet owners even go to great lengths to brush their pets’ teeth. The fact is, while these products may temporarily curb the side effect of unpleasant breath, they are only short-term, topical solutions.
    Teddy’s Pride® Oral Care contains ProBiora3 probiotics – a specifically formulated blend of beneficial bacteria important for good breath and whiter teeth in cats and dogs. Unlike any other pet oral care product available, the ProBiora3® probiotics included in Teddy’s Pride® Oral Care have been formulated to inhibit the growth of the bacteria that cause bad breath.
    That’s right – instead of simply scraping the plaque off your pet’s teeth, the Probiora3® probiotics in Teddy’s Pride® Oral Care address bad breath by reducing the bacteria known to cause bad breath and – the natural whitening agent made by the ProBiora3® probiotics helps to eliminate tooth stains.
    The powerful blend of ProBiora3® probiotics in Teddy’s Pride® Oral Care crowds out the bacteria in your pet’s mouth known to cause bad breath. These probiotics compete with the tooth-staining, bad-breath-causing bacteria in your pet’s mouth for both nutrients and space.

    Fresher breath

    Your pet’s bad breath is caused by the sulfur-containing compounds released by certain bacteria. By reducing the levels of those bacteria with the healthy ProBiora3® probiotics found in Teddy’s Pride® Oral Care, your pet’s breath will naturally be fresher and more kissable.

    Whiter teeth

    Unlike humans, pets don’t make lifestyle choices – like drinking coffee, tea and red wine – that cause their teeth to become stained. The ProBiora3®probiotics included in Teddy’s Pride® Oral Care produce a low-dose of hydrogen peroxide that will continuously, naturally and gently whiten your pets’ stained teeth.

    100% all-natural Teddy’s Pride® Oral Care with ProBiora3® is safe and effective for all cats and dogs.

Try as we might, I have not been able to eliminate my baby's (our min-pin, Chanel) awful breath. We have tried many remedies. I, however, was just  sent a sample of Teddy’s Pride to try out, and immediately wanted to try it. 
So, what do I think, you ask. Well, it's easy. You simply scoop a small amount on your pets’ food once a day. Convenient if you have more than one pet, as it is safe for both dogs AND cats. Probiotics are not new, yet we are discovering many new advances with them . Probiotics are said to be very safe and should not interact with medications. For the majority of pets, the bigger risk would simply be that it just doesn’t work. I really cannot tell if she has whiter teeth, but I think her breath has improved markedly. 
Would I recommend Teddy’s Pride® Oral Care to others? You betcha! I not only see Teddy's Pride Oral Care as a way to eliminate my pets' bad breath, but also a health benefit of using probiotics.  Why wouldn't you want same health for your animals as you do for your family?

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