Sunday, October 31, 2010


I know that we should be talking about Thanksgiving and Christmas, yet I wanted to share some Halloween with you. The company that hubby and I work for has a corporate wide Halloween contest each year. Each department comes up with a theme and attempts to be the winner. Of what you may ask? One of 3 simple pizza parties. However, it is the event that makes it so much fun.

Each department works on a unified theme and hopes to pull it off without a hitch and win. Our departments theme this year was Disco. We had an area that came off the elevator to our floor that we turned into a disco. We had someone waiting downstairs to let is know when the judges were coming up the elevator. Once the elevator doors opened, they found a bouncer leading to what looked like a real disco.

Once they experienced the disco, they were lead to the VIP lounge, complete with cocktails (Welch’s cider in the champagne looking bottles).

My favorite was the Lady Gaga performance. I have no guts for this display and congratulate them, not only for a job well done, but for the guts to pull it off. Their group decorated there are like a concert hall and stage and then about 6 of them did a Lady Gag performance. I attempted to take a photo, below, but they were moving and those of us watching had limited space. They had to perform in the rows between cubicles. As many of you know, this isn’t much room. It was an excellent performance and a lot of fun!

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