Sunday, December 26, 2010

Barbara’s Bakery Review

As someone who had heard about Barbara’s Bakery but never tried, I was anxious to get the chance.  
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Barbara's Baked Puffs
In 1971, when Barbara started our company, the Bay Area was buzzing with young people full of a desire to express their love for all people. The world was changing daily as they created their own paths and sought to turn others onto new directions. Barbara, then 17, found her calling in real food and opened a small natural bakery in northern California. She had a simple plan—make wholesome food taste incredibly delicious. Inspired by good health, family and the kitchen table as the cornerstones of the good life, she used whole grains and oats just as nature intended—free from anything artificial. Barbara selected her ingredients carefully to allow vital vitamins and minerals to do their best to impart their healthy benefits.
The bakery exceeded her wildest dreams and grew from a storefront start-up to a thriving wholesale business. Since those first loaves more than 40 years ago, our product offerings have grown to include cereals, snack bars, cookies, crackers, and cheese puffs.
Today, a few of us wish we still wore flowers in our hair like Barbara did. And, we know our mission is clear: healthy people, naturally. We carry on Barbara’s commitment to create the best-tasting natural products free of artificial preservatives and ingredients, hydrogenated oils, and refined white sugar.
I want to be able to enjoy snacks and allow my kids to enjoy, without the worries of of preservatives and additives. I like have options for healthy alternatives to serve my family. With Barbara’s Bakery products, taste is not compromised for health!.
Barbara’s Bakery has a new look and new packaging and they are saying “NO” to the bad stuff and YES to natural foods. And, just what does this mean exactly? It means that they say no to Hydrogenated Oils, Artificial Flavors, Artificial Preservatives, Refined Sugar, Trans Fats, Artificial Additives, and High Fructose Corn Syrup. Isn't that great!
Through my affiliation with Family Review Network, I was given the opportunity to review Barbara's Bakery. They sent several products for me to try. The family enjoyed trying the cereals:  Cranberry and multi-grain Puffins.  The Cranberry cereal is high in fiber, very important.  The taste was great and they did not skimp on the cranberries.  The Puffins cereal also tasted great. Not only multi-grain, they are also available in Peanut Butter, Cinnamon, Original, Honey Rice and Fruit Medley. The Puffins story for your enjoyment:
We got the name for our cereals from a long-time employee who fell in love with puffins (the birds) on an Alaskan trip. They inspired us to fledge a flock of delicious wheat-free Puffins cereals with a crunch that’s almost as amazing as the birds they were named for! The best part of a Puffins breakfast is the hearty crunch, followed by a satisfied morning powered by naturally sweet grains. Playful as their namesake, Puffins cereals are equally delicious swimming in a bowl of milk or scooped up by the handful. And now, with the kids in mind: super delicious, always nutritious Puffin Puffs, now made with prebiotics!
Included in my package was Snackimals! My little man is NOT a fan of animal crackers and I was looking for an alternative. These little cookies are cute renditions of animal crackers and he LOVED them. I will definitely keep these on hand.  Snackimals are made with the highest of quality ingredients without artificial flavors, colors, preservatives, or trans fats.  
While Barbara’s Bakery has a huge selection of cereals and snacks, they have something for just about every dietary need. You can purchase Barbara’s Bakery items online, or at your local grocery store.
This post was written for Family Review Network & Barbara’s Bakery who provided the complimentary product for review in exchange for my honest review.

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