Sunday, December 26, 2010

Get Fit With Mel B Review

Get Fit with Mel B is a complete and innovative workout program designed in collaboration with Mel B and Fitness First that will allow you to take physical exercise within the comfort of your own home. A personalised program of exercises in which you can insert all of your desired goals, the huge experience and precious advice of Mel B, and a wide variety of exercises are the fundamental characteristics of Get Fit with Mel B: the best fitness experience in the world!

Get Fit with Mel B is the only fitness game that takes you inside the TV, thanks to its innovative optical technology, allowing you to train alongside Mel B. Thanks to Microsoft Kinect and Sony’s Playstation Eye, keeping in shape with Mel B becomes a simple and immediate reality! The game’s advanced technology also guarantees the scanning and recognition of exercises carried out on the floor, such as sit-ups and push-ups, which allows the maximum freedom of movement. Moreover, Get Fit With Mel B supports Playstation Move on Playstation 3, Wii Motion Plus and Wii Balance Board on Nintendo Wii.
Based on your requirements, your goals and your characteristics, Mel B will select for you a personalised workout program which includes cardio, advanced cardio, pump and tone, step and combat programs. By combining the 199 available exercises, designed in collaboration with Mel B and Fitness First, you will be able to put your ability to the test and keep fit while having fun every day with different activities every time! You will even be able to decide where to train, by choosing from among six different locations: a swimming pool, an apartment looking out over Chicago, a luxury yacht, the Maldives, a forest or Central Park.

Healthy eating is the starting point for every good workout program. For this reason, Get Fit with Mel B recommends a complete nutritional program of 140 exclusive recipes. Over and above following your personalised exercise programme, you will also receive nutritional advice for each meal of the day, from breakfast to lunch, from snack to dinner... and even for dessert! Enjoy discovering all the recipes and preparing the dishes recommended by Mel B!

Get Fit with Mel B is the only product to which you can add at any moment a series of fitness accessories specifically designed in association with Fitness First, world leader in the fitness sector.
To ensure an even more complete game experience, each accessory that you add will unlock a series of new and specific exercises and Mel B will re-plan your workout program as a result.
The available accessories include:
- fitball
- resistance band
- wrist and ankle weights
- dumb-bells
- steps...and many more.

With my busy schedule, it seems I have very little time for working out. I am a fan of DVD's because I don't have to have all that extra time driving to a gym, etc. Time away from the family. This was a new and great way to get in a workout and it was a fun way to get fit. I love all the options from allowing me to choose exercises, doing individual exercises, to having the system itself putting together a routine. The routine added variety.
I also loved the different backdrops that you could choose. This also added variety.
If you would like to try this and add to your home collection, you can find it at Target, Walmart, or on Amazon.

Get Fit with Mel B will give you a great & fun workout. At $39.99, it's MUCH cheaper than a gym membership!

This post was written with my affiliation with Family Review Network & Deep Silver, who provided the complimentary product for review in exchange for my honest opinions.

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