Friday, December 31, 2010

DIY Projects for the Year Checklist:

Here is my DIY list for this year:
(I have a year but want it now LOL )
Painting all the walls and ceilings.
Making new art for my walls
Making throw pillows
De-cluttering and organizing my spaces.
Placing more items into bins and closed storage
Laundry room- I would love the built-in as seen on {Show and Tell}.
For lack of what else to call it, 2 coat racks. I picked up some really great knobs for the ‘hooks’.
Clock. This is to sell not to keep. Not my style but when I saw it I thought it would make a great clock.
Pantry- For the pantry, I want new wood shelves that are a better use for the space.
Currently there are wire shelves and they do not utilize the entire width. I also would like to 
replace the bi-fold door with a swing door and add a storage organizer with the plans found on
Replace closet doors in two smaller bedrooms with swing doors. Hubby says this can be accomplished but will
require a little more planning and work on his part than the door to the pantry.
We are considering a replacement of the bathroom vanity with a dresser.
Learn how to use my cricut.
Make 4x4 candle holders 

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