Wednesday, December 1, 2010

CLOSED: Kaspersky PURE Review & Giveaway

Many of us,especially bloggers, are online quite a bit. Good security is not just important, but a necessity. Bloggers, like many others, need to keep working and have no down-time. 

Kaspersky Pure offers me that security, and so much more! 
purelsv2 Kaspersky PURE 2011 Total Internet Security–Review & Giveaway!
Kaspersky PURE at a Glance-
  • Kaspersky PURE provides world class protection using the features that have made Kaspersky Lab’s current retail products the hottest-selling software in America.
  • Run scans on any PC in your household to make sure they’re secure
  • Automatic file backup and restore functions
  • An integrated Password Manager to protect your identity
  • Data Encryption and File Shredder to make sure your private information stays private
  • Perform file backups remotely, to protect your data no matter what machine it sits on
  • Fix security issues before they become problems
  • Administer parental controls so kids are never outside of your protection, even when they’re out of view
  • Control over when and for how long your children can be online, or on the computer at all
  • Limit access to the Internet, web content, applications, games, or social networks
  • The ability to keep important information from being shared
  • A communication-safety hub

Kaspersky PURE is ideal for:

· Couples who each own separate PCs, but want the same protection

· Families that have multiple PCs in the home but want to manage them all from one PC

· Anyone who plays the role of “tech support specialist” for their family

Now that I've had the chance to use Kaspersky, and know that my computer is protected.  My computer being protected means my work is protected, along with the important family digital content:  family photos, videos, documents, files, etc.

When the opportunity came my way to try Kapersky,  I was excited to try out something outside of the other virus programs we've used.  I didn't want anything that would slow down my computer,as some are known for doing.  I was very pleased to learn mine hasn't slowed a bit.

An important note for those of you with children who access the computer, you can set preferences in order to control what sites they visit. More importantly,  you can determine when they can use the computer. I love that.

So far, I've had nothing but great things to say about this program.  I am ecstatic with all that it has provided and definitely worth the $90.  

Stop by Kaspersky and see for yourself all they have to offer on their website, 
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