Thursday, January 20, 2011

Fashion Look Book: Great Looking Fashion

Every time I see an article that states it is on budget friendly fashion, yet is over $100 EACH piece, I cringe. Really? That is budget? Not in my world. There is quality at a budget price to be had. In my series, I will show you where you can go with really great prices.

First up, we have Dots. Hopefully you have a Dots in your area because they have fabulous prices. Take a look at the looks I found:

1- Look No.1 comes in at only $54.80. This includes the jeans, top and pumps.
2- This fabulous look is only $40. For this, you get the animal print top and the belted pant.
3- This simple but great look is only $46! This includes the work pants, tee and boots!
4- Our least expensive look here, this one is only $28 for the sleeveless dress, chain and earrings.
5- A fabulous look, No. 5 comes in at $50 for the maxi dress, heels and cuff. What a steal!

Look fabulous on a real world budget!

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