Thursday, January 27, 2011

Lucille Is Back, Back Where She Belongs

If you are not familiar with the Melanie & Mike Gardner, may I suggest that you meet up with them at The Frosted Gardner? The produce some exquisite work. Take this piece for example:

The Lucille Buffet - Before & After

BeforeThey snatched up this Thomasville buffet that was produced in the late 1960s. While the photo makes it look fabulous to us in original condition, they gave it an updated look. 

They had this hard to fill spot in their family room, that they say is an already small room. Utilizing this space would be hard for others but not for the Gardners!

They updated the piece in their favorite white, proceeded to distressed it, and finally, added a fabulous hardware find. As lucl would have it, the hardware find for this piece matches the hardware on  the Amiyah Hutch, unifying the pieces.
Look at these clean, simple lines:Due to the location in which the piece sits and the height of the legs, this will also allow them to add baskets later.
Mike, ever the whiz at these projects, converted one of the drawer fronts into a drop down door that will accommodate their cable/dvr box. 

They are on to their next piece!
Stop over and see their other wonderful works. As I have followed them for sometime, there are some really exquisite pieces!
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