Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Sectional Seduction

After searching high and low for a leather sectional for the family room, the hunt finally came to an end at Haverty’s. I ended up falling in love with several sofa’s, but in the end, we could only agree on one. This gargantuan monster, with it’s rich leather, won out over all else:

This room better not be turning into a man cave. Over. My. Dead. Body.

This monstrosity had a monster price of $3,500 (before warranty, as well as tax and delivery). Spending this much scares the bejeebies out of me. We knew that we wanted something that would withstand kids (and all that comes with them…like leaking sippy cups), be comfortable, massively durable and last more than 10 years. And we know that is high expectations from any couch and comes with a high price tag. I want it to be liveable and usable. I don’t want to continually tell one of the kids to get away from the x#$%*&@ expensive couch with that sippy cup that is leaking (you know, the sippy cups guaranteed not to leak).And you guys know I love Ikea and I would have considered a sectional from them, but was so afraid because of what I’d heard from others.
The last thing we wanted to do was buy a cheaper sectional to save money, and that would end up being what still would have amounted to a lot of money, and end up getting this later.  After much search, we found Bentley, the Rolls Royce, er Bentley of Haverty’s. 

Our Bentley looks similar to the one above, however we switched the chaise to the opposite end for our layout. The chaise is a feature we loved for napping, hanging out, etc.  The Bentleys large size is accommodating for our large family and large get-togethers. For family evening (much less holiday) get-togethers there are at least 10, and often many more.

We’ve moved Bentley in and we’ll definitely share photos when we can (we had a camera mishap and are currently without (anyone have one they no longer want?).

Now, I will move onto mood boards to see what direction I want to go. Feel free to offer any inspiration using leather.

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