Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Show Your Love {Valentine's Day Ideas}

For you guys out there that are totally clueless what to get your significant other for Valentine’s Day, like Dave tends to be (sorry sweetie),  we took a moment to put a little something together based on a few of our favorite BUDGET ways to celebrate the occasion. Showing your love doesn't mean you have to spend a lot of money. Happy xoxoxo day!
Pick up a heart shaped pancake mold, get up early to surprise them with heart shaped pancakes for breakfast. Once you have the pancakes made,  prepare the tray with a vase and a flower(s), take the (cleaned…sorry some people won’t think of that) pancake mold and tie a bow with red ribbon and place on the tray for additional love.
Surprise your special someone with a meal prepared by you.  If it’s warm in your area (we are in Florida), you can do a picnic. If it’s too cold you can dine in. It could be quite romantic to do a picnic on the living room floor. We’ve even done fondue dinners.
Start a photo album for them. Gather meaningful photos into an album. Brainstorm for adding special remembrances to the album.
Make their life easier somehow. This might be the gift that actually takes the most thought so it’s sure to be appreciated. I have a friend who’s husband will surprise her by having cleaned the house top to bottom. While I am sure most of you are splitting duties this day in age, coming home to a sparkly home and dinner after a day at work is a treat I would welcome.
Watch their favorite movie together. While you may hate the movie (my favorite is Sleepless In Seattle and, unfortunately, he is not a fan), settling down to watch their favorite love story is quite romantic. 

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