Friday, January 21, 2011

The Weekend

Time for me to get ready for our weekend activities!  We are off work until Wednesday, but do you think that means we are relaxing? No way! We will be hard at work on the multitude of projects we have started. 

Hope you ALL have a great weekend. 

My To-Do List for This Weekend:

  • Work on thrift store rescued chairs
  • Organize office/craft room
  • Paint trim & Doors
  • Paint my coral art frame white to blend in with my beachy theme
  • Check HD & Lowe’s for stencil for an upcoming project
  • Paint armoire?
  • Make hanging kitchen towels
  • Laundry room- I would love the built in as seen on {Show and Tell}
  • Work on my coat rack
  • Shelf for beachy bathroom
  • Pantry project

There's alot more i'm needing to get done but these are some that came to mind this minute. Talk to you Monday!
So tell me, what do you REALLY need to get done this weekend??!?
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