Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Valentine Sugar Cookie Pops

Continuing with our Valentine series, I came across this tutorial at Our Best Bites  for super cute, super simple sugar cookie pops that I just had to include! Wouldn’t these be great for your loved ones? 

First things first, make your cookie dough. Make whatever sugar cookie recipe you like (you can even use a boxed mix or Pillsbury cookies). Roll out your sugar cookie dough as you normally would. Roll it so that it is slightly thick because you want your stick to stay in place, but not too thick because it will cause it too be too heavy and fall off. 1/4" should be good. Cut your shape with a heart shaped cutter. Lay the dough directly on top of a stick. You want the stick to come about half way up the cookie. Gently press down with your fingers just a bit and the baking will do the rest.
Bake your cookie pops until the edges are just barely golden brown. Remove from oven and cool completely.

A great tip from Our Best Bites: As soon as her cookies were out of the oven and cooled, she put them in an airtight container in the freezer. Then when she was ready to decorate the next day, she took them out in the morning and starting icing them right away (while they were still frozen.) By a few hours later the cookies were defrosted and the icing was dry enough to package- and the cookies were super fresh.
You can decorate how you like to make them appealing for your family. Our Best Bites includes her recipe for Glac√© Icing  For further decorating tips, stop over to see what she did to make hers spectacular.
To make them special for gift giving, once dry, wrap in cellophane. Pop the cookies into cellophane treat bags (Dollar Tree has Valentine Treat bags) and tie with ribbon around the sticks.
Don’t limit yourself to your family when handing these lovelies out! Your friends and coworkers will love you for this treat!
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