Monday, February 7, 2011

How's It Hangin'?

You know how you always check the ‘dollar spots’ and bargain zones at your favorite stores with big dreams of finding something amazing for a really good price but all that remains is usually kiddy items and items that no one would actually want, even if it was free? Well, I try to check the Michaels and Target ‘dollar spots’ regularly, with these dreams. On a recent Michael’s run with that exact experience in mind, I was pleasantly surprised. Turns out they had something that actually had some potential.

Remember I told you about my shoe changing nook by the front door? You know, where we told you about the ottoman and its fabulous storage? I had also told you about the coat rack that would be coming in a soon-to-be published post? Well, that day is today!

We do have a closet there but would like to utilize it for storage and needed a coat rack for guests. This recent trip to Michael’s solved that dilemma. We snagged some fabulous knobs for $1 each and in what seemed like just minutes later, we had a super easy but fabulous coat rack! We had the board in the garage and simply cut a piece off, routered the edge, drilled the knob holes & hanging holes, painted and ta-da!

This will be super practical when it comes to wrangling purses, scarves, dog leashes, and guest coats. We’re just a-place-for-everything-and-everything-in-its-place kinda people, so we like creating systems that make things feel organized and automatic.  
{sorry about the shots-this is a hard location to get a good shot} 
So what about you, my readers? Do you have a little specialized corner for storing/wrangling specific items that you use on the regular? Is anyone else a fan of using simple coat hooks to keep things organized? Tell us all about it.

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