Thursday, March 17, 2011

Decorate It: Changes For Under $10 - Change Out Your Knobs

I am someone who likes to change things up a lot in our décor, much to the dismay of the hubster, and I really believe that even a small, inexpensive change can make an impact. It also doesn't have to be expensive or break the bank. Some of the best decorative changes that will add pop, are often inexpensive or even free (we will discuss this more later). In today's post we will discuss a simple and easy project that you can accomplish in a few minutes.
While shopping for my new camera last night, I also went into Anthropology (again to the dismay of the hubster). While he is annoyed thinking ‘hey, we just spent the equivalent of a house payment on your camera and lenses and you want to come here?’, I am thinking ‘What can I copycat?’ J, I spied the much talked about Anthro knobs. I could have spent a day (and a small fortune) lusting looking at the knobs. Finally, aware that I probably cannot MAKE a knob, I had my AH HAH moment. As the thought entered my brain, I just smiled (the hubster said I looked just like House when he gets an idea),and we knew I could get similar perfectly Anthro styled knobs at none other than Hobby Lobby! Now, not being lucky enough to have a Hobby Lobby in Florida (hey, HL what are you thinking here?), I know I can order online.
{Is it just me or is he sexy?}
We've been searching for the perfect knobs for our hall bathroom cabinet (this is the wall cabinet over the commode) for sometime. The cabinet is in great shape except for the knobs, which are a gold tone (ewwww) and rubbing off. I am not sure what others think, but every time I enter the room, my eyes immediately go right to them.
I shopped the site for sometime, loving many, and finally decided I would run to Michael’s or Home Depot. This is because I had another ‘House’ moment. We won’t call it a light bulb moment because I like calling it a ‘House’ moment and I’d like to think I am worthy of great thoughts like him. Ha Ha Ha.
{Sorry. Thought we all needed one more lookJ}
So, my final inspirational thought will remain mine until sometime this weekend when I post what I actually did. 
Check out these great knobs below and consider changing out some of yours! Even though I didn’t go woth one of the options I’d seen, I actually love the online site of HL where you can purchase all of these great products: Hobby Lobby

Cast Iron Fleur-Di-Lis Drawer Pull

sku# 251876

Ceramic Flower Knob with Metal Center

sku# 226027
Red & White

Round Metal Knob - Embossed Flower

sku# 432799

Pewter Truck Knob

sku# 211383

Polystone Crown Shaped Knob

sku# 416404

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