Wednesday, March 2, 2011

PB Knock-Off Dino Rug

Michell wanted a rug for her children like the Pottery Barn Dino Rug. What she didn’t want was the hefty price tag attached. The Pottery Barn version is 3x9 and $89! Who in their right mind is paying $89 for a 3x9 rug? She made 2 for less than $10! So, not only did Michell pay much less and get 2 rugs, those rugs will be much more special having invested the time and love. Stop by Girl In The Air, say hello to Michell and see just how she went about making the Dino Rugs. While you are there, read her About Me page. It’s the story of love at first sight. Really!  

Designed by: Girl In The Air
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