Thursday, March 24, 2011

What's The Worst Thing You've Ever Found In ...?

Even in the cleanest of homes, and those with children, inevitably you will find odd objects in the oddest of places. Often you will find something in the sofa. What's the worst thing you've ever found anywhere in your home? An old sandwich under the bed? Stuck in a drawer?

Typically, those in the sofa are food related. A kiddie snack, popcorn, even Cheez-its. Or even toys. 
This was many years ago, in the VCR era, we found french fries in the VCR. Yes, I said french fries. I couldn't figure out why the cassette would not go in. Flipped up the door and there they were. Of course, none of them did it. The ghost did it. 
What's the worst thing you've ever found and where?
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