Saturday, April 9, 2011

Caillou Toy Review

 My grandson, who is just starting to get into a few shows (he is selective) loves watching Caillou, and when the opportunity arose to review Caillou products, we happily said yes!.

Growing up is the greatest adventure, especially when you are 4 years old. Each Caillou episode is about a simple everyday life situation that feels so BIG to a child. It’s about discovery and imagination. Watching Caillou helps children feel empowered and inspired. What Caillou does in the episodes reflects what every child does in their day-to-day lives. Caillou is an everyday hero and “a kid just like me.”
Caillou, the beloved hero of preschool kids everywhere, is a little older and is now going to playschool. But he still loves to play "make believe" with his friends.
Everything is so much more fun whenyou make believe! Thanks to his boundless imagination, Caillou has a different take on the world and everything around him becomes an opportunity to play: the familiar garden suddenly becomes a dense, uncharted jungle... and Caillou turns into a brave explorer!
By sharing in our young hero's incredible adventures, children can play "make believe" along with Caillou and find new ways to understand and interpret the world around them.

Caillou Doll:
Caillou knows how to have fun!  Kids can now carry and cuddle Caillou while they seek adventures around the house or even on road trips.  The Caillou doll features the classic Caillou outfit and a soft body for extra snuggles.  The vinyl head, arms and feet hold up to frequent cuddles and clean up easily.  14.5 inch doll (approximate retail value: $29.99.Caillou's shirt and pants are removable. Plush body with head and arms made of a PVC material.

Caillou Bath TimeWind Up Boat:
Little ones will love bath time even more with the Calliou Bath Time Wind Up Boat.  Made just for the bathtub, just pull the wind up string and watch as Caillou and friend sail along the “ocean blue.”  This is a fun activity to stimulate you child’s imagination, creativity, motor skill and coordination.  Approximate retail value:  $16.99.
This and many other wonderful Calliou toys can be picked up at  Toys R Us.
Our review:  My Grandson loves both toys. He loves the bath time vehicle and has taken it in the pool with him. Since he is younger, this also gives him coordination when winding up the toy during bath time. I love how interactive this toy is.  The characters and sail come off the boat and he loves that! He really loves to watch the propeller go.  As for the doll, he equally adores it! Again, learning coordination by removing and dressing back up Caillou. He takes him along in car rides and sleeps with his ‘little buddy’.

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