Friday, July 15, 2011

Stuff It!

 Need a fast way to stuff pasta shells?

Some of you probably already use this fantastically easy method for stuffing pasta, but I thought I’d share it for those that are not aware. This not only makes life easier when I am preparing stuffed shells, it also allows the kids to participate and stuff the shells too! This type of pasta is great for any night but makes a great dinner when you are having company because you can prepare it ahead and have time to spend with your guests and to further speed it along, I always use this method!

What you will need:
The desired recipe
quart size food storage bag
Tall cup
Pasta Filling

Fill a food storage bag with the your prepared filling for the recipe you’ve selected. What I find works best to fill the bag is to put the corner of the bag down in a cup and fold the bag edges over the cup, leaving the bag open for filling.
I use a spatula and begin filling the bag. Leave some room at the top of the bag in which to hold it when ‘piping’ your filing. Take the bag from the cup and twist the top and fold over so that no filling comes out.
Cut the corner so the filling releases from the bag. For pasta, it can be a decent sized hole, yet you do not want it so big you lose control. Hold your pasta in one hand and the bag in the other. Hold the bag almost exactly how you'd hold a pastry bag if you were frosting something. Squeeze with gentle pressure because you don't want to pop the bag.
Begin squeezing filling into your pasta shell. I find it easiest to lay them out so that you can easily keep moving.

Guess what? This is also a great method to pipe filling into deviled eggs and a quick method to use to frost cupcakes!
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