Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Shout Brand Ambassador on Behalf of Mom Central Review

 Families spend so much time doing laundry. Since there are 4 of us at home right now, we do approximately 6 loads of laundry a week! And with a messy toddler that we call ‘Pig Pen’, a mechanic husband and a crafter (me), laundry is a major activity!

While I have a great time saving organization system for the sorting, the washing, drying and folding takes up so much time, add in stain removal and it increases the time vastly!
This is why I was excited to be chosen by Mom Central as a Shout Ambassador! What an honor!

I was sent a review package by Mom Central that contained ShoutFree and Shout Color Catcher. Perfect timing! First, the Shout Free is perfect timing in that ‘Pig Pen’ requires me to purchase vast amounts of stain removers.

I try a lot of products because of ‘Pig Pens’ sensitive skin. Some things seem to break her out. Not so with Shout® Free! It has zero dyes, zero fragrance and 99% natural ingredients. She doesn’t break out and I have the quality stain remover of Shout! That means no longer purchasing multitudes of product as Shout works the first time! That is great because you have no idea the amount of stains this little one produces! I actually have a special bucket that I throw her shirts in because they ALL ALWAYS have stains! I also tend to not spray until I do the load, which can cause problems with some products!  When I removed her load of clothing and checked the shirts… stains be gone!!!
Shout Free is now the stain remover for our home. Not only does it work amazingly well at removing stains, but it didn’t break out her sensitive skin!

Also at perfect timing was the addition of the Shout Color Catcher! With the holidays, there were a lot of new clothes that came our way. Wanting to keep them new and pristine looking, I welcomed the opportunity to try the Shout Color Catcher! This was also amazing! With the addition of the new clothes, there were a lot of bright colors added to Pig Pens wardrobe (I tend to stick to black! While I want to keep it vibrant, let’s face it, the bright colors have no impact on my black attire!) None of her vibrant colors ran into the whites. Simply amazing!

I can definitely vouch for the Shout products and tell you that these will be the only stain remover and color catchers in our home!

- Tell me in a comment the types of stains you treat in your home.(Mine is primarily Pig

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I wrote this review while participating in a campaign by Mom Central Consulting on behalf of Shout and received a product sample to facilitate my review and a promotional item to thank me for taking the time to participate.

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