Saturday, January 12, 2013

Calories Are Hiding

Not all foods that we would typically think of as healthy are what they seem. Today we have three that we think of as healthy but need to watch out for:


Salads are a huge hider of calories, especially when eating out. Instead of getting your salad saturated in an oily or creamy dressing, try oil and vinegar or topping your salad with salsa.  Salsa adds a lot of flavor without loading in more calories. 

Non-Fat or Low Fat Snacks

Read your labels on non-fat or low fat items. Typically non-fat or low fat means sugar and/or salt. The hidden sugar causes your blood sugar to spike then crash and causes you to crave more. Excessive salt intake makes you retain water. 

Fruit Juice, Smoothies, and Fruit-Flavored Yogurts 

Fruit Juices and fruit-flavored yogurts are loaded in sugar and corn syrups. Always go for fresh fruit. You can make excellent smoothies with a little milk (coconut milk, coconut water, almond milk, etc.) fresh fruit and ice. A tasty treat even your kids will love.

Do you have a treat you love that's diet friendy? Share with us!

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