Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Saving Money & The Environment

This weekend we made a couple of purchases that fall in line with my Reduce, Reuse, Recycle, Repurpose or Saving Money philosophy. I wanted to pass these finds along because they are great for use and I am hoping you will love them too!

The first is The Mr. Coffee CafĂ© Frappe Machine. I am ADDICTED to any frappe, frappucino, frozen sugary concoction. I had seen that it was to come out but hadn’t been available yet and I’d forgotten all about it. Happened to be at Target and it was on SALE! These drinks cost $4 and up at Starbucks & McDonalds!

1 a day @ $4 = $28 a week!

Or $1456 a year!!!!

And I do not even want to know how many calories I have been consuming with those!

The machine comes with a cookbook and I did purchase the ingredients, however, I was able to find sugar free in all the sugary type ingredients!

My second (and to me FABULOUS) purchase was a reusable coffee cup. It is so cute, isn’t it? I got mine at Kohl's, although I am sure they are available almost anywhere.

I just love both items and if you love frappe’s like I do, you can save money and calories! The cup will save money and the environment!

Special Note: I am preparing for my son and his girlfriends baby shower. Can anyone tell me how to go about making the cute cupcake toppers and the candy labels, etc? Any help is appreciated!!
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