Wednesday, February 10, 2010


I get very little sleep.

Between 3-5 hours.

I know the biggest reason for this is how much I cram into a day. The other reason is because women are worriers.

It is what we do.

It is who we are.

We try to go to bed but our head is filled with the thoughts of:

Did I do this…Did I do that…
Would it have been better if I had done it this way?

My day, like I said, is crammed full of “stuff”.
I get up at 4 a.m. and …
Do the bathroom routine
Make lunches for hubby and I
Fill the dogs water bowls
Quickly check e-mail
Quickly do roll call for SITS
Start blog post
Leave a note for my son for whatever I may need for the day
If I did not iron the night before, I have to iron now. I try not to wear things that need ironing.
Get clothes for hubby and I out and ready, if not done the night before
Do my best to get hubby up on time. He does not like to get up and this is a fight every morning.
Is that it? I am sure I am missing something…
Commute to work 1 hr & 15 minutes
Attempt to catch up on sleep in the car (hubby drives both ways. He is a doll.)
Work 7:30 to 4:30
Work on blog post at lunch
Check in with SITS blogs at lunch
Commute back home 1 hr & 15 minutes
Attempt to catch up on reading in the car, review grocery ads for shopping list, etc.
Can you imagine if I had the doo-dad on a laptop that would allow me to use in a car?????
Get home
Change clothes
Do laundry
Make dinner or hope and pray one of the kids did
Eat dinner as a family
Clean up (or again, hope and pray one of the kids do it)
Try to spend time with the kids catching up, catch up on TV shows we love (not just like), play WII together
Love on my grandbaby, Evan, the light and joy of my life
Get ready for bed routine.
Bed at 10-11 p.m. (hubby watches more tv. Swears he needs it to fall asleep. I swear it is why he is not rested in the AM and does not want to get up)

Rinse and Repeat every weekday

Here’s Hoping For Sleep!
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