Saturday, March 27, 2010

Jamie Oliver's Food Revolution


Did anyone watch Jamie Oliver's Food Revolution Part 1 & 2? I am going to be blunt here, so if you do not want to hear it, don't read it. I am absolutely appalled at the American schools/government and their version of cafeteria food. I am also appalled at the reception and attitude that was shown to him. All they way from principal & school board to cafeteria workers. Especially by Alice. And Alice's co-workers followed her attitude. Such a bad example they were setting in front of the children.

He comes in to try and help the way we are feeding our kids in the public school system. Pizza for breakfast? French fries as a vegetable? Through Jamie I learned that chocolate milk had more calories than soda. I had thought it was a healthy alternative!

Also an important point was that there were no knives in the school. They looked at Jamie like he was crazy. Many of these kids didn't know how to use one. Something is wrong with this picture. We are not only feeding our kids badly but we are not teaching them to be self sufficient.

If you feel that our children need to be fed better, the nation's school food program overhauled with healthy alternatives and learn to be self- sufficient, go to JamieOliver's site
and sign his petition.
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