Sunday, May 2, 2010

Set the scene... Table Linens

Setting a formal table isn't as expensive as one might think. Dressing your table(s) with linens is the most dramatic way to change the look of your event space and make a personal statement with elegance, style, and color.

Whether a dinner party or a baby/wedding shower, your guests will think you went to great lengths when using cloth. The days of plastic tablecloths and paper napkins should be long behind us.

Sam's Club online offers an extensive line of cloth napkins and tablecloths. From basic white to red. Planning an Italian dinner party? Think red and white check. Christmas? They offer red and green. Unlike plastic and paper, they can be saved for another occasion.

Or, how about personalizing your set?

{Stenciled Napkins}

{Monogram with Fleur De Lis}


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