Sunday, June 13, 2010

Closed: Balloonatiks: The Collector's Set Review & Giveaway

I was given the opportunity to review the new Balloonatiks:The Collector's Set Dvd. Upon receiving the Balloonatiks:The Collector's Set  DVD, we immediately popped it in. I had been afraid to put it in because I was afraid I would be stuck watching something over and over that was horrendous. However,  Balloonatiks turned out to be a really cute DVD that the family can watch together.  As we watched the DVD for the first time, there was lots of laughing, but also quiet moments were he was totally enthralled. Also great is that you won't see this all over the tv. 
Balloonatiks:The Collector's Set, is a long awaited addition to The Balloonatiks extensive catalog of two paperbacks, a series of comics and games, and an interactive website. 
Balloonatiks:The Collector's Set is highlighted by the acclaimed voice talents of Mark Hammill, Debi Dewberry, the voice of Jimmy Neutron; and Billy West, most known for several characters on Futurama. The Balloonatiks theme song was performed by Ray Parker Jr., who is most known for writing the Ghostbusters theme song.
In the DVD's first episode, Meet Deflator, Dr. Poppemoff creates an oversized latex monster to do his evil bidding and wreak havoc on Hot Air City. Fortunately for the good citizens of Hot Air City, our favorite scientist lacks the necessary talent when it comes to brain-transplanting. Not to mention the necessary skills to take on our illustrious doers of good, the mighty (and expandable) Balloonatiks, who combine their powers to defeat the brain-deproved monster in a climactic battle atop the City's main hot air valve.
The Balloonatiks centers on five ordinary teens mysteriously transformed into rubbery and bouncy balloons, each gifted with incredible abilities from their unique personalities. Flator, the school jock, is able to grow to massive sizes. Airbrain, the smartest kid in school, can use his giant head as a hot air balloon. Squeeker, the pretty and popular cheerleader, uses her high-pitched cheers to paralyze the bad guys. Sparky, the multi-tasking, multi-talented activist of the group can transform himself into any kind of ball and bounce to amazing heights. The Ballonatiks also features a strong cast of supporting characters, including Leaky, the frog-turned -balloon-mascot;Professor Swellhead,mentor and creator of the Ballonatiks; and Dr. Poppemoff, the evil mad-scientist out to take over Hot Air City.

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