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Closed: Powermat Review & Giveaway!

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Enjoying the freedom and convenience of charging without plugging and unplugging and the tangle of wires is simple!

Upgrade your favorite gear with a Powermat Receiver or use the Powercube Universal Receiver. The Powercube works with hundreds of devices and is the perfect accessory for your Powermat.
Apply case
Then choose a Mat. With many Mats to choose from, you can select the one that is right for your charging needs.
Charging your favorite devices is now as easy as setting them down!
Place on mat


The Powermat System

Here in Florida, we are known to have tropical storms & hurricanes, in which we inevitably loose power. Depending on the strength of the storm, this can be for days. So, imagine my happiness when given the opportunity to review the Powermat! I imagined the daily use would be fabulous alone, and because of it’s ease, your items should be charged in the event of electrical failure.

You do not realize, until which time the power does go out, just how heavily we rely on electric. Most house phones are cordless, so they would not work in a power outage.  The cell phones will work for a short time, but they too will loose power. How about your Ipod?  That also needs electric to charge it.  Ipods, Iphones, Nintendo DS's, the list of electronics goes on and on!  

Besides electrical issues, what about daily practicality? Where are all you cords for these devices? If you are like me, they are spread all over the house.  Some of mine are on my dresser, hubbies is on his chest of drawers, others are on the floor, underneath my desk, behind the sofa on the window sill, etc.  All of these cords are a major draw on electricity and can be quite dangerous.

 made that so much easier to do with their innovative and advanced Wireless Charging SystemThe Powermat Wireless Charger, a new innovative use of technology makes life so much easier! The mat will require plugging in, however  Although, the mat does need to be plugged in, having only one cord to keep your electronics plugged in will save you money on electric, make life simpler and be less dangerous.

With my Powermat, I can place any 3 of our electronics at a time, onto the mat using a receiver that works specifically with your device.  Not all products are compatible, however all of mine are. All I had to do was open the box, plug it in, and within minutes I was charging! Best of all, it can be placed in one central location for the whole family to use!

The Powermat comes complete with 8 interchangeable adapters and 1 universal receiver.  This is a plus for me as I have an Ipod and this will allow me to use with the mat as well.  Another bonus,  you will not overcharge your battery. The system automatically shuts off when the device is done charging. Again, saving energy!

I highly recommend the Powermat! For my family, it will save energy, provide ease of charging, and a lifesaver when the power goes out! 


You can purchase online via their site 
My readers can use the coupon code, below, on the Powermat site for 
20% off!

Powermat is available at these retailers nationwide:
Best Buy
Staples (some stores)
Bed Bath & Beyond

One extremely lucky Extreme Personal Measures reader will win a Powermat, thanks to the generosity of the folks at PowerMat Home & Office Mat an up to 3 receivers!
$99.99 - $219.94 ARV!


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