Friday, September 3, 2010

Make Potty Training A Breeze With Little Looster!

While we are not expecting Little Man to be potty trained soon, we are being proactive. We were having Little Man sit on a small child's potty while we visited the restroom. However, we received the Little Looster, "the booster for the loo", and, not only do we think it is great, he thinks he is a big boy and is proud to climb up. 

The Little Looster is a horseshoe shaped stool that sits around the base of your toilet, allowing your child to easily climb up and use the regular toilet instead of a child's potty chair. The whole reason parents initially use potty chairs is because their child cannot reach the regular toilet. The Little Looster provides a secure base to climb up while supporting their legs in comfort while sitting. 

The Little Looster is the brainchild of Monica Mylet, a mom of three who came up with the design after going through the training process with the 3 children. Monica, also feeling the need to help local businesses, used Oregon based companies through just about every aspect of the Looster's design and manufacturing process.

  • Comfort

    Provides total comfort & leg support for years of use.
    No more painful pins-n-needles feeling when little legs are not supported.
  • Confidence

    Promotes complete certainty.
    No scary feeling of “falling in.” Kids legs do all the work.
  • Cleanliness

    Allows children to have their hands free at all times.
    No need to grip the back of the toilet seat or the inner, germ covered rim.

So what did I think?
When we received our Little Looster I was excited for the opportunity and anxious to test it out.  The Little Looster has a distinct and cool look to it.  We have a small house, so I was worried about the space it would take up. No need! It fits right up against the base of the toilet like it came with it. I We also don’t need to move the Little Looster every time they need to use the loo.  The unique design allows adults full use of the toilet while standing or sitting, without ever moving the Little Looster
I no longer have to have the extra child’s potty sitting in the bathroom taking up space and I do not need to bend over to pick him up and hold him so that he doesn’t fall in. And believe me, he is a lug! And, I don’t have to clean a child’s potty!

What did my Little Man think?

Little Man has been quite content practicing on the child's potty so I was more than a little worried about his fear of climbing up or sitting without falling. We showed him how to step up and "climb aboard". He loves it and considers himself a "big boy".

The Little Looster is such a  fun, creative & useful invention that I don't know how I lived without it before.

Pick up a The Little Looster for $39.99 at

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