Friday, December 10, 2010

Book Review: 'I AM SANTA'

Title:  I am Santa 

Author: Kristy Haile

Publisher:  Happy Bean Publishing
Publish Date:  October, 2010
Paperback, 343 pages
ISBN 10: 0982704313

ISBN13: 9780982704318

Cover Description:
What would it take of you to believe in your child when nobody else did?  What would you do if all of a sudden your son truly believed with all of his heart that he was indeed the New Real Santa Claus?

About the Book:
One day little Nicholas wandered away from his mom and his sister while they were out shopping because he has always felt mostly invisible in comparison to his sister Holly. Little Nicholas meets an old man sitting on a bench at the mall. This old man tells Nicholas he is Santa Claus and that he is very sick and dying. Santa Claus also tells Nicholas he will now be the new real Santa Claus and the elves would be in touch with him shortly. Little Nicholas believes this old man a hundred and ten percent that he is to become the new real Santa Claus. Enjoy this journey into a little boy’s imagination as he struggles in a world of doubt, continuously striving to turn non believers into believers. I believe my son is the new real Santa Claus no matter what other people may believe. The question is, do you believe?

About the Author:
Californian Kristy Haile earned an Associate’s degree in Dental Hygiene from Northeastern University in Boston and then worked as a hygienist in Massachusetts and California. She moved from her hometown of Turlock, CA to Los Angeles, where her two children became actors on TV (The Office, Criminal Minds, Desperate Housewives), movies (Chihuahua: The Movie) and in commercials. At age 4, son Ty came to believe he was Santa Claus. Haile kept a journal of the funny and unusual things her son said and did over the next two years, as well as of people’s reactions to his self-identification as the “new real Santa Claus.” That journal was the basis for her latest book, I Am Santa. You can visit the ‘I AM SANTA!’ website to connect with Kristy.


I woke up early the next morning to the sound of Nicholas running into my room screaming, “I just went to the North Pole….I just went to the North Pole!” I looked at the clock on my night stand noticing it was only four o’clock in the morning. Nicholas was wide awake trying to tell me all about the North Pole. So I tiredly told my little Nicholas, “Go back to bed.” But Nicholas continued with his story, “Mimi, Mimi it was so awesome! At first I just thought that I was dreaming, but the elves told me that I was really at the North Pole. I asked the elves why I was picked to be the new Santa Claus. And you know what? They said it was because I am so special because I have a good and generous heart. Me, Mimi I was picked because I am special, me Mimi, I am special! I always knew sissy was special, but I never knew I was special!” What was Nicholas saying? Didn’t he know he was special too just like his sissy? And wait, why was he calling me Mimi? So I inquisitively asked, “Nicholas sweetheart of course you are special you are a very special little boy and why are you calling me Mimi?” Nicholas didn’t answer my question he simply continued to beg me to get out of bed so he could tell me all about his recent adventure to the North Pole. I was still very tired and at first I didn’t feel much like getting out of bed, but I was more intrigued about his so called adventure to the North Pole as well as why he kept calling me Mimi than I was tired. I finally got up and went into the living room with Nicholas so I could listen to his story and find out why he kept calling me Mimi. Nicholas told me about how his exciting adventure began with the elves coming and waking him up in the middle of the night because they told him he needed to get familiar with his new ‘kingdom’. Nicholas told me at first he thought he was just having the best dream ever, but when he tried to wake himself up he couldn’t. He finally had asked one of the elves if he was dreaming. But the elf told him he was awake and it just seemed like a dream because the North Pole is the most magical place ever! I asked how he got to the North Pole and Nicholas informed me that the elves arrived into his bedroom through a special porthole in his closet. Then the elves had taken him back through the porthole to get to the North Pole. I wanted to see this porthole but I didn’t want to impinge on his imagination at all so I didn’t ask to see it. Nicholas did tell me later on in his adventure story that the porthole is located in his closet but can only be seen and used by either the elves or himself, the new real Santa Claus. Nicholas continued telling me all about the North Pole, “Mimi there was tons of white fluffy snow at the North Pole and it didn’t freeze my fingers when I picked it up. Everything at the North Pole is covered in snow except for the candy. The candy has a little snow on it, but I liked the snow most of all Mimi and I even used the snow to build a big gigantic snowman with some of the elves. My snowman looked so real that I really thought is was going to come to life but it didn’t. At least it didn’t come to life when I was there maybe it was waiting or something, I don’t know but it was really, really cool.”

This is a heartwarming story about a little boy and his mom and how she let him be what he wanted to be, no matter who that is.  Her  love for her children came through on the pages as you read and you discover that she never discouraged her son's imagination, an important skill for any mom.  She is a great story teller, telling of family events in a way that was not only believable, but readable.  Every parent can relate to her and her son in the heartwarming book.

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