Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Christmas Gifts

One of my Christmas gifts this year was a Babycakes Cupcake Maker. I LOVE cupcakes. Love the way they taste, look, everything about them. I made a batch of cupcakes so I could test my new Babycakes maker. I was a little leery as I find these types of appliances usually do not live up to my expectations.

It exceeded my expectations! It baked the cupcakes quickly and evenly without over baking! I am HIGHLY pleased with it! Within the box was the cupcake maker, instruction booklet with a couple of recipes, frosting bag and tips, pie and tartlet cutter.

I baked the cupcakes using a Paula Deen cupcake mix I picked up at the Dollar Tree. I was hesitant because I thought there was a reason it ended up at the Dollar Tree. Boy, was I wrong! WOW! They were delish! The frosting was purchased at Aldi, pre-colored! It also exceeded my expectations! (Frosting was applied with a Wilton tip).

Oh, and as a side note: in the background you will see my new stove. Ugh! Such an ordeal! We were in the middle of making my dough art ornaments when the oven blew up. I heard a pop and my husband had been looking at the oven and saw a small flame ignite upon the pop and immediately go out. This was on Christmas Eve Eve! Needless to say, we immediately went on a hunt for a stove. We were already behind and this threw us even further behind.

Do you have a special story from this holiday?

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