Wednesday, December 29, 2010

A Homemade, Handcrafted Gift

Remember I posted that I was swamped with family and projects and would be unable to post? One such project was rather large, we started LATE, and it made a great gift after all was said and done. We have a family member that moved into a new home that has a LARGE kitchen that needed something such as an island. This was a task we felt we could complete.

We had picked up a new kitchen cabinet at Salvation Army to use but it was brown. Not a problem for us, but we came across a white one on clearance. Off to a great start!

I had the vision but too many projects on my plate. I gave my hubby my plan and he completed the island. I wanted to cover the sides and back with bead board and trim it out to beef it up.

I wanted great looking feet as well. When you go look at furniture, you love the thick, round, great looking feet,right? While at the orange box I found a foot that was cute but not... thick...round. Well, I saw another piece and it hit me. We"ll put the two together and make a great foot!

Here are those beefed up feet completed. What do you think? 



The top was purchased at Ikea. They will be putting bar stools on each end. It was quite difficult to find a top that we wanted and we had tried to find granite tiles but no longer can find them. 

Hubby worked hard to finish this with all that we already had on our plates. I think he did a great job!

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