Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Are you a Lowe's or Home Depot Gal?

So, are you a Lowe's or Home Depot Gal? I love Lowe’s. We find what we need along with a multitude of great things that often inspire new ideas. Their  prices are often lower than Home Depot, they excel above Home Depot in good customer service, a nice selection (when that item is actually a product they carry), etc. However, Lowe’s did fail us and Home Depot saved us when looking for:
1.Wood appliques
2. Wood feet for the kitchen island
Typically I have been dissatisfied with Home Depot's customer service and for me, that's a biggie. They say they hire people who actually worked in the field that correlates with the department they are in. Yet, often they are unable to answer, what we think are, the simplest of questions that someone in their field would know. There have been several occasions where they aren't sure what they even stock.
While looking for acrylic one day, we asked one man who said they didn't carry it, followed by a man who over heard our conversation and agreed with the other man. We ran into a female employee and jumped into conversation regarding our disbelief that Home Depot would not carry acrylic. She, however, corrected us that they did, in fact carry acrylic. She took us to the furthest reach of the store, way back in the opposite corner of the store. That is a woman that should be a manager, knowing what they carry and where it is. Yeah for women! Girl power!
That's a point Home Depot. Still a ways to go in order to catch up...
I'll always be a Lowe's girl...unless Home Depot comes a calling :) 

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