Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Mirror Mirror On The Wall -

Amanti Art DSW01025 Townhouse Gold Mirror - Large

I have turned over a new leaf. I love a good transformation and I prefer that something be free or a good bargain (thus the love for reinvention).. Sometime ago, we were gifted this large gold rectangular mirror. No one beat me up here, but I feel that gold and brassy finishes are dated. While I hate this mirror’s finish, I refuse to take it down. Why you may ask… Well, without a major redo (adding windows and doors), mirrors are a great way to reflect light and visually expand your space. 

We’ve always thought we’d put it off   “until we figure out something better” as far as a finish and we figure it’s about time we make it work. We’re going to give it an Extreme Measures paint job. The dining set is oak and I have not yet convinced my husband to let me paint that (My hope is that I will convince him).… but we need your help picking the new color for the mirror (and to feel confident about the change).

Our top three color contenders are:
1. Black
2. White
3. White with a Rub n Buff Finish

...Or do YOU have another option I have yet to think of?
Do you see why we need your input? We’re been paralyzed with indecision for years. Time to make the change. 

So, cast your vote for one of the options above, or let me know an idea I may have missed. Thanks in advance for all the help and, of course, I will be posting the photo after it is completed!

P.S. I did a minor revamp of my site and cleaned it up. What d'ya think?

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