Monday, January 10, 2011

On The Cheap- Easy Budget Transformations: Ditch Your Dish Soap Bottle

Want a quick and easy budget transformation that has instant impact? Ditch your dish soap (and any other cleaners or hand soap) bottles on your kitchen sink! This is extremely budget friendly, coming in as low as $1. Often the dollar store carries olive oil bottles that can be simply filled with your favorite soaps and placed back on the counter. 

Look around with a creative eye and you are sure to find something unique that will look great on your counter, like these inspirations found on the net:



This makeover is instant and can be very inexpensive, as well as allowing you to buy soap in bulk (or even make your own soaps!) without having to lug out a giant jug of soap every time you need to wash dishes.

P.S.  Lisa asked "I wonder where you can buy those stoppers????"

These are available at kitchen supply stores, Target, Walmart and Bed,Bath, & Beyond. 

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