Monday, January 31, 2011

Sitting Pretty

I am an organizational freak. I’m a firm believer that everything should have a designated place or you’re destined to end up with unorganized piles of clutter all over the house.  Where most of you probably have tons of space due to basements and attics, Floridians lack both. So I’ve needed to get creative with my storage systems, always with specific functions in mind.

One of our hardworking organizational system areas would have to be this “portable storage” that you can put anywhere. As you can see, it really is meant to be an ottoman. However, in our home, it is a workhorse. We have a cubby like area by the front door where the coat closet is. Now, I am sure many of you are like me and the coat closet is NOT used for coats. Mine is storage and not gotten into often.

So, for a place to hang coats, purses, scarves, a multitude of dog leashes (not sure why one dog the size of a peanut needs so many), and anything else you shed when you come inside, we have created this area by the door. The ottoman functions as a handy place to sit down to remove your shoes (with hidden storage underneath the seat). For additional storage of shoes, gloves, etc, I want to grab some shallow baskets to slide under the ottoman. The ottomans can be found in all price ranges. 

 We picked up our handsome dark brown leather ottoman with hidden storage under the seat (at an inexpensive price of $89)  We also picked up a cute basket, handy for putting mail in. Now, I just have to figure out how I will be hanging it.

As for the coat rack, this will be shown in an upcoming post. I designed and Dave created the coat rack for me but the paint is still tacky and cannot be completed today. I don’t want to give it away and save it for it’s debut, but let’s just say when I saw the “hooks” I squealed and knew just what I would do with them!

For under $100 we are quite pleased with the storage and useful space we created.

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