Thursday, February 3, 2011

For The Love Of...

Garden Stools

As of late, Dave and I both seem to be obsessed with garden stools. I have no idea where this obsession came from. We just love the glossy and striking addition to a room. We are now on the hunt for the perfect one to place next to the chair we just finished (completed photos will be featured soon!) that has limited space next to it. While some may declare them too trendy, or even over, we feel it would be perfect for this area.

Adding a garden stool incorporates an artful touch in your home and is always a good thing– especially when it’s as versatile and sophisticated as one of these stools. Place one next to your living room sofa as a side table, use it as an extra seat when you have guests, or simply let it serve as a decor accent anywhere in your home.

While it may seem that we are behind the times, let us assure you that we had noticed the chinoiserie stools filtering down from oh-so luxe hotels to neighbors’ homes, followed by bloggers everywhere. The classic stools can still be seen as tables, ottomans and even extra seating. But our favorite counterpart is the mirrored variety with its glistening surface.

If you happen to see one at a great price, let us know!
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