Sunday, January 30, 2011

Quick sack, twelve pack, back again

We came up with an easy upgrade that made a great gift. Dave and I needed a gift for a friend and snagged this sign, after I convinced him that the bright and cheery colors would look great at our friend's bar and complement his other bar decor.  

The sign is shaped as a bottle cap and it's lively colors will be oh so cheery! We picked up the sign for $6 and the clock parts for $5. All Dave had to do was locate the center,drill a hole and attach the clock parts to the sign. Results in about five minutes flat.

Simple? Check. Cheap? Check? Anyone can do it? Check. Plus it made a great gift!
And speaking of quick change-overs, what have you guys been transforming on the cheap? Any other projects going on?
Do tell!

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