Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Steal Of The Week: Our Lovely Little Armoire

Even though the last thing we needed was one more project  (we have more than enough on our plates, especially with the chairs I posted about yesterday) ) we just couldn’t pass taking a look at this armoire I came across on Craigslist:
image 2132740982-0

Sure I'd seen better photos for more expensive armoire's on Craigslist, but luckily for us, they'd all been sold.  

image 2132740982-1

Now, lemme tell you, I wasn't really concerned with what it looked like as long as it had good bones. These pictures did not do the piece any justice at all (lucky for me because everyone else passed it up!). This armoire is SOLID OAK in FAB condition!!!!

The plan for this piece? I wanted a craft cabinet like the one seen here:

Lucky, lucky day. Thank you Craigslist!

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