Saturday, January 1, 2011

Where o Where Have the Comments Gone, O Where O Where Can They Be?

Happy New Year everyone! Fabulous readers, I make a plea and a call out to you, not just for me but for fellow bloggers as well. As you know, because you too are writers and givers, a great deal of time is spent on projects, inspiration, and writing of our posts. We WANT to HEAR what you have to say! I want to hear your thoughts on my posts. I had over 8,000 views last month and hardly any comments.

So, I make a call out to you to begin commenting on blogs, once again. As for myself, what I do is go down my Google Reader or Reading List on my Dashboard and for every title that calls to me and I open, I make a useful comment. You may not be touched that day, but there was a reason I followed you and I will get to you on a post that strikes me. I do this every day.

Have a Happy, Successful New Year!

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