Saturday, February 26, 2011

Cinnamon Apple Spiced Oatmeal

Saturday breakfasts are always on the run around my home. Because of work (and the 2 hour a day commute), family duties, household duties, and whatever else comes up during the week, we have a lot of errands on Saturdays (grocery shopping, etc). Plus we want to always have quality family time… not rushed. Because of our Saturday schedule, we often don’t eat or eat a high cal breakfast out. Since I have packed on a few pounds, I am going to utilize one of my go-to sites, Ginna’s Skinny Recipes at Although I am not a Weight Watcher participant, she has healthy low cal recipes anyone can use. I had applied to be a NutriSystem Ambassador, but was not selected, therefore I will have to go it alone.  So, I am prepared for today with my ingredients for Cinnamon Apple Spiced Oatmeal. You can find her recipe HERE.

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