Friday, February 25, 2011

You're sugar looking, you got my sugar cookie...

From Mary:
When I was a little girl, bread not made at home came from a neighborhood bakery. These were, of course family operations, and tradition dictated that children be given a free cookie when they came into the store. Though grateful, I was always disappointed because I had my eyes on bigger things. I desperately wanted one of the giant sugar cookies displayed in the shop window. While they never made it to our market basket, there were times when two or three carefully wrapped eggs or a hunk of butter did. During the war years, bakeries were exempt from the rationing imposed on the general population and bakers, interestingly, were also exempt from the draft. No one talked much about it, but our early birthday cakes were almost always the results of negotiations with the baker, who did very nicely for himself during the war years. I'm convinced my love of giant and monster cookies dates back to that period of my life. I love to buy them, I love to bake them, and I certainly love to eat them. It's true I've gotten fussy over time. Most of the commercial variety taste like frosted cardboard, so I've taken to making my own. This is one of the recipes I've collected for them, and because this week is dedicated to all things lemon, I thought you might enjoy my giant lemon sugar cookies. They're not half bad, and if you like lemon, you'll probably love them. You'll find the flavor and ease with which they can be made, improves the longer the dough is chilled. I prepare the dough a day before I plan to shape and bake the cookies. These are really easy to do and the raw cookie dough also freezes well. I hope you'll enjoy them. Here's the recipe

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Lyrics: Fosterchild- Sugar Cookie
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