Friday, August 12, 2011

Well, I do declaaaare:

First it was Storage Wars and then American Pickers. Now, our latest addiction is Picker Sisters. While many of my readers may not get this fascination, those of you with a creative eye (like Gail at My {re} Purposed Life, who as an AMAZING eye), will understand. Once I’d seen the preview, I just had to watch this new show.

Now, as I previously mentioned Storage Wars and American Pickers, if you don’t like those shows, don’t dismiss this one. It is a completely different format. I immediately loved it in the first 5 minutes. And you may just recognize the two designers on the show. At least if you watched the hit show Extreme Home Makeover you will.

Basically, these two travel across the country looking for “junk” to turn into treasures. Amazing treasures. Take the barb wire roll they found, for example. These became the most amazing lighting. There’s that word again…amazing. That is the only thing I can think when I see their completed projects. Another great example was a house they bought for $500. Yes, I said house. The first thing they made from that wood was an adirondack set. The store isn’t even open and a couple of women walk by spying this set and have to have it. They gather the only cash they have on them offering $526 for this set. Wow! I am in the wrong line of business!

Now, get pickin'

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