Wednesday, December 26, 2012

5 Tips for Selling to Consignment Stores

If your like me and lost a lot of weight fast you may have some clothes to sell. Not only is consignment great for buying the best staples for your wardrobe at amazingly affordable prices, but it’s also a way to part with some of your gently-warn clothes and make some money while you’re at it. We all have those pieces that don’t fit (hopefully because they’re too big!) or we’ve just fallen out of love with them. It’s great to be able to sell them through consignment at a good deal and you and their new owner both win! 
Here’s where to start: 

1. Sell the “Gently Worn”:

Make sure your clothes are in excellent condition, and that there are no rips, stains or tears.

2. Keep it Current:

You will have the best luck selling more "current" clothing; nobody wants to wear your grandmother's caftan!

3. Put it on Paper:

Get a printed invoice of the clothes you are consigning and how much each item will sell for, that way you will know how much money to expect.

4. Get the Details:

Find out how long they will keep your items, and if they get marked down after a certain amount of time.

5. Keep Track:

Find out what happens to your clothes if they don't sell (I always like when consignment stores donate what doesn't sell to charity).

The best part about selling your clothes to a consignment store is that you make money on the clothes you originally purchased!!!

Do you have any questions about consignment? 
Share them with me in the comments and I’ll try to answer them in my next blog!
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