Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Dollar-Store Health/Diet/Fitness Deals

Dollar-Store Health Deals

When The Dr. Oz Show first asked me to find weight loss tools at a dollar store, I thought my list would be short. To my surprise, however, I found that the dollar stores of today are filled with inexpensive items that support a healthy lifestyle. Sure, I had to be creative, but I found that virtually every aisle had something that could help aid in weight loss. So, no more excuses that dieting is “just too expensive.” Take this list with you during your next visit to the local dollar store and load up on the tools you’ll need for weight-loss success!

1. Pasta sauce – Add it to baked eggplant for a low carbohydrate dinner. Pair with frozen veggies.
2. Dried beans (various kinds) – Super high in fiber, will keep you fuller, longer and has tons of nutrients. A MUST for effective weight management.
3. Tuna – A great protein source and easy to transport. Bring it to work for a quick, high-quality protein snack.
4. Cinnamon – Studies show that this “super” spice may play a role in regulating blood sugar. Put it on your oatmeal or apple in place of calorie-rich (and inflammation-causing) sugar.
5. Cayenne pepper – Speeds metabolism; add it to eggs in the morning, pasta, soups, sauces, etc.
6. 100% shredded wheat – A great way to start the day with a high fiber food that will keep you satisfied until lunch. One box provides one week’s worth of breakfast!
7. Individually wrapped peanuts – A perfect, portion-controlled snack that’s high in protein.
8. Eggs – Studies have shown that starting a day with a high-protein egg may help with weight loss.
9. Soy milk – If you’re looking for an inexpensive milk alternative, this could be it!
10. Frozen fruits and veggies – An easy and cheap way to get your vitamin-packed fruits and veggies for the day.
11. Instant coffee – An easy way to enjoy a cup of joe and all the benefits that go with it.
12. Frozen Italian ice – An 80-calorie snack that’s fat free and satisfying in place of cookies or cake.
13. Water – The perfect drink for dieters – or anyone!
14. Minced garlic – Spice up your dishes without using butter or oil.
15. Individually wrapped sunflower seeds – Perfect before a session at the gym.

Stress Management
Aromatherapy candles – Half the battle of losing weight and keeping it off is being able to effectively manage stress. Light a scented candle, fill the tub with some dollar store bubble bath, and let your stress float away.
Portion Control
1. Insulated lunch bags – Skip going out for lunch and you’ll save yourself hundreds of calories and tons of fat. Instead, bring your lunch from home.
2. Chinese take out boxes – Small and portion-controlled to carry food.
3. Journal – Studies show that recording your food and exercise means you’re more likely to stick to your fat-blasting plan. Keeping a journal works.
4. Small plates and bowls – Ditch the big plates and bowls; they’ll only lead to big portions!
1. Jump rope – Just 20 minutes of jumping rope burns more than 200 calories! Get this full-body workout without the pricy gym membership.
2. Rubber bands - Tie them together, and you can put one end under your foot and use the other for a bicep curl or side leg lift … similar to resistance bands but no where near the cost.
3. Broom – Stop using the vacuum for hardwood or tiled floors and start using a broom – you’ll burn more calories!!
4. 3-quart bleach containers – Once they’re empty, rinse completely, fill with sand, and use them as weights.
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