Thursday, February 18, 2010

The Money Pit

I have a money pit.

I think everyone has one.

Mine is my husbands doing.

He has a saltwater fish tank.

The tank did fine in the beginning and looked fantastic.

Somewhere along the line his tank got red and green algae.

So, for about three years now, it has looked like crap with all the algae, has 1 fish, and he keeps sinking money into it.

Every couple weeks we pick up water for the tank. Special Water. This special water costs about $25 for (3) 5 gallon jugs.

So, let’s say he only picks up these 3 jugs once a month (although, I think it is a little more frequent than that). That is $300 a year!

Not to mention all the crap he has been buying for 3 years to try and make it go away, all the money he has sunk into the old fish and new fish only to die, etc.

If you have a Money Pit, tell me what yours is.

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