Thursday, January 13, 2011

Our Home: Our Biggest Project

If we were really on top of our game, we would’ve started this blog out showing our home from start to finish. But, I hadn’t even thought of starting a blog way back then. Typically, we are too caught up with work on the home and getting to the end of a project to even think about recording our progress.

When we bought the place in May of 2002, I believe we were its 3rd owners in its 25 year old history. I have to tell you, we weren’t completely in love with it. I am generally charmed by older architecture and character, which many homes in Florida lack. However, I know feel challenged by its complete lack of style and create a style within.

I came across the old Open House flyers and. just to let you see where it all started, I have included them so you get a sense of it’s lack of style. if there’s anything we’ve learned from this home, it’s that you should never underestimate the power of a few coats of paint. 

In the upcoming posts, we will update you on where it stands now, but it will be a changin'. 

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